Colorado, Arizona & Utah Off Road Trails

Have you ever wanted to run a trail and could not find the Trail Head? Ever lose track of the trail? Ever gotten lost on a trail? If you answered yes to any of these, then we can help you. We offer GPS Track Logs for 100’s of trails in Arizona, Colorado, and Utah for download into your GPS unit. We ask that you use the track log to stay on the trial! And if one of your next destinations will be Arizona, Utah or Colorado off road trails, our website is just what you need.

Planning off-road trip is not limited to choosing destination and defining the route. Proper driver’s and vehicle’s preparation is essential, too. For different off road trails and locations different vehicle modifications are needed. So choosing the right off road parts will help you not to get stuck in the middle of the trail. team recommends that you check out the selection of off-road parts at, trusted supplier of off-road accessories. At our website, we also cover the most popular off road vehicle modification.

Colorado Off Road Trails


From easy Benson’s Cabin & Lime Creek Road Trail in Breckenridge, that is suitable for stock vehicles, to challenging Black Bear Trail, that requires driver’s and truck’s preparation — off road trails in Colorado are favorite destinations for offroaders off all experience levels.

Arizona Off Road Trails


Broken Arrow in Sedona, AZ is one of the most famous and difficult off road trails in the state. Many offroaders from around the country come to conquer rocky country of Arizona Off Road Trails. Cinder Hills Trail, instead, is a favorite destinations for ATV and stock vehicle drivers.

Utah Off Road Trails


The state of Utah is a home of numerous off road trails of a big range of difficulty. Three Fingers Petroglyphs Trail in Green River is suitable for inexperience drivers. Among off road trails in Utah, Black Dragon Wash Trail stands out thanks to its picturesque landscapes.


Whether you’re a keen off-road warrior or just preparing to get your vehicle off the pavement for the first time, you should know that planning you off-road adventure thoroughly will make it fun.


We provide GPS Track Logs for 100 of the most popular off road trails in Arizona, Utah and Colorado. You can download them FREE and upload to your GPS unit.


Each trail has difficulty rating and a brief description so that you can choose what is suitable for you and your vehicle. Read this article to learn how to use GPS Track Logs.

Trails by State


Arizona Offroad Trails

Colorado Offroad Trails

Utah Off Road Trails

Trail Ratings



These trails are suitable for stock vehicles and inexperienced drivers but present little challenge to experienced drivers unless the trail becomes wet or frozen. Trail has gentle grades with low water crossings. Route is well maintained with minimum sideways tilt. Four wheel drive is recommended but may be suitable for two wheel drive vehicles under good conditions. High ground clearance is helpful.


Suitable for any experienced driver with stock vehicle unless trail becomes wet or frozen. Some grades are fairly steep with water crossings up to wheel hubs. The trail is rough and rocky and is likely to have moderate sideways tilt. There may be areas of loose sand. Four-wheel drive is required, high ground clearance and low range gearing are necessary even under favorable conditions. Good approach and departure angles are often necessary.


These trails require four wheel drive, off-roading experience, high ground clearance, low range gearing, good approach and departure angles and sufficient recovery points. Airing down tires is recommended for traction and ride comfort. Trails may have narrow shelf roads. Some areas require caution for sideways tilt. Brush may scratch sides of vehicle. Grades are steep. Tracks may be impassable when wet or frozen.


These trails require stock vehicles to be modified with winches, high clearance and skid plates. Body damage is possible. There may be deep water crossings under normal conditions up to top of the wheels. Shelf roads may be extremely narrow. Grades are very steep. Brush may scratch sides of vehicle. Winching and other advanced recovery techniques are to be expected. Extensive experience is recommended.



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